Lotus Mahal or Zenana, Karnataka Tourism

Lotus Mahal or Zenana, Karnataka Tourism
The other name for Lotus Mahal is Zenana which is at Karnataka is a beautiful Tourist spot. Known as “Zenana” enclosure i.e. for ladies only the palace is a mixture of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture. Apart from these temples, there are other ruins which speak of splendid past and splendor of this city for example elephant stables, a row of eleven chambers which once housed the magnificent beasts, ruined watch tower, Mahanavami Dibba the Lotus Mahal and Queen’s Bath.

Singarada Hebbagillu is known as beautiful door as per inscriptions discovered near it, was the main entrance to the city.

Trichy Tourist

Trichy - Tourist places
Rock Fort Temple-Trichy
If you are planning for tour during the months of October to March, the ideal place is Trichy or Tiruchirappalli which is in the banks of Cauvery River. Being the fourth largest city of Tamil Nadu, it is one of the beautiful cities of South India. Artificial diamonds, handloom cloth, clay and wooden toys, glass bangles are famous here.

Tourist attraction places are Viralimalai Sanctuary, Rock Fort Temple, Government Museum.

A small town 30 km. away from Trichy is Viralimalai is famous for Murugan Temple and the beautiful Peacock sanctuary. If you want to see the Fresco Paintings in rocks, you can go to Sittanavasal.

In the Rock Fort Temple – three temples 1)Manikka Vinayakar Temple 2) Uchhi Pillayar Koil, 3) Thayumanavar Koil are famous here.

Diromg the secpmd century A.D., Karikal Cholan built a dam across the river Cauvery for irrigation i.e. Kallani is 24 kms away from Trichy is a wonderful place for excusions.

San Diego Beaches Refresh

San Diego Beaches
San Diego of course, is known world wide for its beaches. The northernmost, La Jolla Cave, is one of the prettiest spots in the world. A palm lined park sits on the top of the cliffs. Rough water swimmers like the cove and divers and snorkelers can explore the underwater delights of the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Ecological Reserve. The Children’s Pool, a shallow lagoon at the south end, is a good place to watch seals and sea lions.

Pacific Beach runs roughly from Crystal Pier to the north end of Mission Beach. A sidewalk and a bike path border the shoreline, and there are picnic tables along the way. There are designated surfing areas and fire rings are available.

Mission Beach, San Diego’s most popular draws huge crowds on hot summer days. A wide board walk is busy with strollers, roller skaters and cyclists year round. The 2 mi-long continuous stretch extends from the north entrance of Mission Bay to Pacific Beach.

Ocean Beach is a heaven for volleyball players, sunbathers and swimmers. You can fish off the pier without a license or just have your fish in the restaurant at the middle.

Coronado Beach is perfect for sunbathing or Frisbee throwing. There are rest rooms and fire rings; parking can be difficult on busy days.

Kish Island- Iran Tourism

Bangalore Palace

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