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Alaska had in the past its fair share of setbacks in the tourism industry. There were the 1967 floods, which virtually put tourism on a standstill, and the infamous terrorist attacks of 2001, leading to a general collapse in confidence of the American tourism industry and security measures as a whole.
However, this year and next year are expected to be even more brutal and some have even mentioned the potential decline of 30%. Others have suggested less but a minimum of 10% has been generally agreed on.
The main problem is, of course, the worrying economic cloud, which is circling above the planet. Americans, especially, are extra concerned about parting with their dollars and are exercising an extra degree of caution. Meanwhile, cuts in the industry, cruise lines stopping their services around Alaska and a shortage of government funding for marketing campaigns are all factors, which are making the situation a lot worse. The government has been blamed for giving a lot more money for marketing to Hawaii, as an example, and not to Alaska where the funds are desperately needed.
The tourism industry in Alaska provides around 40.000 jobs and was worth $1.7 billion to the state economy in 2008. The average visitor used to spend around $1.000. However, they are far more likely to now buy a t-shirt with ‘I have been to Alaska’ written on it than take a more expensive helicopter flight through the Alaskan wilderness. This attitude has dire consequences for the economy. Advance bookings for next year are already down for many tour operators and the Royal Caribbean Cruise company recently announced to take away one of its ships in 2010. The outlook, so far, for Alaska, is as bleak as its winters can be.

Alaska Tourism


Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan since some years ago, and lots of modern buildings (some of them are weird, but most of them are really beautiful and functional), are being built in the city. The government of the nation built modern buildings too. Nevertheless, the largest city in Kazakhstan is Alma-Ata, the former capital.

The city is located in the north of Spain, and I live very close to this city (only 20 kms far), I can tell about this city that is very beautiful, it has one of the most impressive palaces of Spain, it has 5 nice beaches, historical buildings, boats allover the bay...

Burj Dubai tower

  • The foundation is made up of 192 concrete and steel pilings more than 164 feet (50 meters) deep. They are joined by a 12-foot-thick raft upon which the skyscraper rests.
  • 45,000 cubic meters of concrete was used in the foundation.
  • Underground parking spaces: 16,000
  • The air conditioning chillers installed on the 155th and 159th floor are so high that their design had to take into account the thinner air at that elevation.”
  • In 2006, 2,500 construction workers rioted because of low pay and poor treatment. They did an estimated $1 million damage.
  • The tower is designed Adrian Smith of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
  • The interior will be decorated by Giorgio Armani. An Armani Hotel, the first of four by Armani, will occupy the lower 37 floors
  • In keeping with Islamic custom, the hotel pool will have separate hours for women and men at the pool.
Scale: Those little buildings on either side are all really, really big
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
And from afar:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
An elevator shaft, taken at an earlier stage of construction:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubait
The work continues, up top:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
View from the bottom:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
Working construction on the Burj — the wages are crappy, but you can’t beat the view:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai

Spain’s tourism booms

Spain has been plagued with bad economic news of late, but things are looking up for Britain’s favourite holiday destination. “Spain had one of the best summers in its history for tourism,” the government said in a statement.

A survey conducted by Frontur, part of the Spanish Institute for Tourism Studies, showed the country received 20.9 million tourists between January and September and experienced the third busiest summer season since records began.
The figures represent an increase of 8.5 per cent from the previous summer, proving that tourists were not deterred by news of riots and protests against government cuts.
Spain has managed to post strong gains despite economic uncertainty in Europe and United States. Experts believe that unrest in North Africa has been the major reason for the bumper year. Tourists who once turned towards cheap beach destinations in North Africa have returned to Spain due to the current politican uncertainty in Egypt and Tunisia.
The tourism minister of Spain believes that while North Africa unrest has helped Spain, marketing campaigns have played a major role for the tourism industry. Spain has managed to penetrate markets like India and Russia this year. Strong arrivals from these 2 BRIC nations have helped the hospitality sector.
This year Spain attracted the maximum number of tourists from England and Germany followed by France and Netherlands. Balearic Islands were the most popular destination among with 9 million foreign tourists this year.

Travel to dubai

Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai

Oh, Dubai. Sometimes we wish you success, because you’re so funny. Other times we can’t wait till you run out of oil and just turn back into a desert wasteland, because you’re so gross.
Of late, the Gulf city-state has been trending somewhere between those two courses. They’ve shut down all kinds of massive half-baked construction projects, but are pushing ahead on a select few. Most notable in the “pushing ahead” category are the world’s tallest building and the city’s new metro system (exempted on the “half-baked” count). The powers that be in Dubai have been planning a grand simultaneous unveiling of the two in September, in fact — seeing it as a perfect opportunity to get massive amounts of media attention and declare to the world, “We’re still actin’ all rich!”
Sadly, there’s a hitch. Construction on the Burj Dubai, the 206-story luxury residential and office tower–space will supposedly go for $3,500/square foot and up–is running behind schedule, and will not be complete by September. So the metro–which features a “Gold class” section for “VIPs”–will debut alone and therefor won’t get anywhere close to as much media attention.
It turns out that Dubaites (?) are pretty upset about it. Nearly half “believe the delay to the Burj Dubai is a missed opportunity to put Dubai back on the global map.” An additional 17 percent are sad because Dubai now looks like the kind of slacker place that can’t keep to a schedule when building white elephant projects.
To celebrate the synergy that might have been though, here are some fact boxes and photos of the $4 billion, 2,600-foot aluminum stalagmite and the $4 billion, 22-mile first phase of the new metro system.

Dubai Metro
Fast facts:
  • In full operation, Dubai Metro is projected to carry approximately 1.2 million passengers on an average day, and 355 million passengers per year”
  • Trains will be WiFi enabled”
  • The 32.5 mile Red Line [which will open in September] will have 29 stations, four of which will be underground”
  • Rolling stock is being supplied by Kinki Sharyo under a $456.2m contract for 385 cars”
  • All stations will have platform doors to increase safety and allow a more comfortable, climate controlled environment”
  • The driverless, fully automated trains are fully air-conditioned”
  • The trains will offer standard ‘Silver’ class, a women and children only section plus a first class ‘Gold’ section for VIPs”
  • The “Gold” car will be located at front of each train and will be just for men (specifically, non-poor men). The “Silver” cars for the ladies and the rugrats and the downtrodden will follow behind.
  • Gold cars will feature wide leather seats, an explansive view through the train’s front window, and an “exclusive lighting design.”

Transit construction, Dubai-style:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
Like Paris, Dubai’s Metro stations will have platform doors:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
.Inside a “Silver” car (i.e. for pleebs, women and children):
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
Inside an exclusive “Gold” car (just us rich dudes!):
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
A train on a viaduct:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
The rolling stock (fancy talk for “train cars”) arrives from Japan:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
A design rendering of a station hub:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
.That station in real life:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
.A rendering of a smaller station:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai
.A system map. Service to the crazy man-made archipelagos is still on the drawing board:
Travel and Tourism - Travel to dubai

Travel to France, best tourist attractions in France

Travel to France, best tourist attractions in France

Tourist and Traveler

What is the difference between a tourist and traveler? Have you ever think upon such question? Of course, not all people think that both of these words are different, some of course felt that tourist and traveler are the same. However, I on the behalf think differently. To me, tourist is a person who travels, but not for the yearn for learning, but more the sensation of having fun or just to relax from regular basis stress. In the other hand, traveler would be a person who travels, but in search of knowledge of things out of their normal life. Both tourist and traveler do travel, but both of them do know have the same interest or intention for things. That is what I think about the difference. What do you think? Are you a tourist or a traveler?

Country Branding & Tourism Logos ~ Competing for shelf space in the traveler’s min

What’s in a logo? Plenty, if you’re selling a country! Not literally of course, but as a Travel Destination. And how to do it well has spawned an entire industry – Place Branding. The principle that countries, regions and cities can be branded as a natural extension of corporate brand building theory. And in the process not only help promote tourism, but also attract trade and investment.
However, turning a country like Guam into the next brand Gucci is easier said than done. There are similarities of course, such as the significant investment required in building a brand over time, based on a constant flow of positive attributes. Consistency is key in creating a compelling image.
A place, as defined by culture, politics, business, and geography is increasingly viewed as a product, and therefore subject to the same brand-building and brand-positioning practices as a Computer, Airline, Shampoo, Gourmet Coffee, or a Luxury Bag.Countries, unlike products & services, are subject to a broader and deeper media exposure, that influence how stakeholders form opinion of that country. Therefore, brand-builders have less “controllable” external factors. And the DNA of what makes the country unique, primarily through its culture, people, products and geography, must be thoroughly researched and analyzed in forming an image based on the positive attributes of these multiple variables.
It goes far beyond a compelling marketing campaign or a spanking new logo. But it’s a good start.
Here’s a look at how a selection of countries are faring. You’ll notice some exemplary work, bringing forward signs, symbols, language, national colors, cultural traits, shapes, slogan, typography that instantly bring to mind a nation and her people. While others make no attempt at creating brands, and are mere extensions of the nation’s flag, with no clear brand message.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations

Europe is packed with must see historical places, but one probably would need a lifetime to see them all. Here I created a list of the top 10 European travel destinations to help you with your research.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #10
ATHENS, Greece
Top 10 European Travel DestinationsThe history of Athens begins more then 3000 years ago when during the prehistoric times its first inhabitants created their first settlement on the rock of Acropolis. Athens is a city of contradictions, as frustrating as it is seductive. It is the oldest city in Europe, yet still in a state of transition. It’s one of Europe’s safest and liveliest destinations – a heady mix of grunge and grace with an undeniable urban soul.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #9
DUBLIN, Ireland
Top 10 European Travel DestinationsProbably most people wouldn´t include Dublin in the top 10 European travel destinations, except the Irish of course, but I certainly love Dublin and I think it deserves to be on the list. Dublin is not the typical capital, busy and ugly with modern sky scrapers. Dublin has mostly houses. Your can barely spot a tall building in the whole city. And the locals are so friendly, you won´t even remember you are in a capital. The Irish green, the luck of the Irish and the Irish pubs are all to be tried. Be careful with the leprechauns!

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #8

Top 10 European Travel DestinationsFlorence, the city of the lily, gave birth to the Renaissance and changed the way we see the world. When we say Florence we think of famous people such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo or Dante Alighieri, to name but a few and to the sculpture of David and the jewelery shops on Ponte Vecchio. One tip for this destination: it is enjoyed best at sunset.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #7
VIENNA, Austria

Top 10 European Travel DestinationsVienna was for centuries the main stamping grounds for the Habsburg rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The empire is long gone, but many reminders of the city's imperial heyday remain, carefully preserved by the tradition-loving Viennese. Baroque with a dash of art nouveau, that´s Vienna, and the combination and pure harmony. Wherever you go, your camera won´t stop shooting, I asure you. Charge your batteries in advance!

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #6
ROME, Italy
Top 10 European Travel DestinationsRome is the Eternal City, the city founded by Remus and Romulus. Here, modern and old, past and present go side by side all the time. Whether you are in Rome for 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months, be prepared to step into the world’s biggest open air museum.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #5
Top 10 European Travel DestinationsVenice pays tribute to the waters a few centimeters every year, like a captive princess to a beast. Get lost on the Venetian streets without a map if you want to discover the full beauty of this unique European destination. Best time to visit Venice is during the carnival period in February, but in the meantime, be prepared to face the crowds as this is high season for Venice. No matter when you visit Venice, don´t do it by yourself. Be in love!

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #4

Top 10 European Travel DestinationsBarcelona never sleeps and Gaudi is omnipresent like a God. With a warm climate throughout the year, this is a destination you can visit anytime, as many times as you want. Barcelona is alive, colorful and sexy 24/7 and it will make you feel the same too.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #3
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands
Top 10 European Travel DestinationsSometimes referred to as "The Venice of the North", Amsterdam is bike friendly, sex friendly and drugs friendly which makes it one of the most tourist friendly destinations in the world. With a stunning architecture, criss-crossing canals and top museums, Amsterdam is the third on my top 10 European travel destinations because it offers the visitor a different perspective on life.

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #2

Top 10 European Travel DestinationsWith many internationally well known sights, London is a must visit city. The traditional red English phone booths will guarantee you the most envied by friends photo from your European holiday. They will congratulate your for your originality. Let them do that, don´t spoil it. You are a grown up and can keep a secret. People are cuing to have their picture taken in the red phone booths. Before you visit the Buckingham Palace, stop by the supermarket and buy some peanuts. Than, after watching the change of the guards, go for a walk in the beautiful park in front of the palace and feed the squirrels. They will definitely thank you for that and ask for more. And last but not least, London is the European travel destination for musicals. Go see at least one!

Top 10 European Travel Destinations #1
PARIS, France

Top 10 European Travel DestinationsThe "city in love" is nevertheless the Nº 1 travel destination in Europe. Lovers from all around the world meet next to the banks of the River Seine, shopping lovers explore shiny shop windows, art lovers wonder in front of Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa and romantics climb the Eiffel Tower. But this symbols of Paris are just the surface. What makes Paris the Nº 1 European travel destination are the atmosphere, the cafes, the never ending walks one can take around the city without ever getting bored. The most vivid memory I have from Paris is bathing my tired feet in the fountains in front of The Louvre Museum, along with so many other tourists from every corner of the world. How do I know Paris is the European Travel Destination? Easy! Every time I plan a trip and the destination question pops up, my answer is always the same: Paris!
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