West Java-Indonesia tourism

Object Tangkuban Perahu Mountain tourism

For those who like to enjoy the natural attractions the mountains, see the crater, and visit other unique things, then Tangkuban Mt is the place.

Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano there are about 30 kilometers from the northern city of Bandung. The mountain is situated at 2084 meters above sea level. This place is one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Java, Indonesia, especially for hiking and hot springs tours. Mount Tangkuban Perahu volcano, including the type stratovolcano with a record of the last eruption was in 1983.

Gunung Tangkuban Parahu, Jawa barat
Want to breathe fresh air while relaxing view of the green-green?
   This is the perfect place for your visit.

Heated pool, able to soak a sore foot after traveling around the crater.

Well, that is really hot!

Mini hot water pool

Wooden handicraft
Unique wood pattern, are formed naturally.
the trail up the mountain

The tour guide that explains things related about an old tree in front of it to the tourists.
mushrooms on a large palm tree is almost life-size

Lots of tourist attractions is the choice to fill the holiday season. But this tourist attraction that one really should try for the tourists, especially those who like adventure and who love to find unique things in the open this.
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