Visitor attractions in Germany

For those who live in Germany, many tourist destinations that can be visited. Those who do not plan their out of this country during the summer, can visit one of these places.

1. Rheinland-Pfalz : Mosel Valley
Most Jerman really beautiful scenery - not only in the vicinity of the River Rhine. Between Trier and the Mosel River Rhine flows through a variety of beautiful areas in the western part of the country. Hills, idyllic villages, wineries, the remains of the fort a few.

2. Niedersachsen : Cuxhaven
Place rhythmic alternation between tide and ebb of the sea north of Germany. Rhythm is also when the tourists can walk or ride horse-drawn carriage through the Wattenmeer toward Neuwerk.

3. Schleswig-Holstein : Föhr Island
Tour the island in Germany not only to Sylt only. IN the south west coast of Schleswig-Holstein is the island of 80 square kilometers, Föhr. Formerly residents of this island from the whaling life. Now that their livelihood comes from outside, from the tourist.

4. Schleswig-Holstein : Damp

Wellness inside and outside the room. People do not have to fly to the far east, but to the north toward the city of Kiel, the East Coast for a vacation in Germany. Bathing beach with beach as far as 4 kilometers was opened in 1972 with a damp Ostseebad 2000. When the weather is bad, the tourists can move into the swimming pool of sea water at room complete with sauna.

5. Sachsen : Zittauer Gebirge ( Zittau Mountains)
In the health resort in thethe middle Oybin Zitta Mountains ,close to the border to countries Poland and the Czech Republic ,several times a day through the mountain railway . The train was carrying tourists to the area 120 years since Hiker - tendency to increase. Approximately 1.3 million people vacationing in the state of Saxony last year. Twenty-five percent more than the previous year

6. Thuringen : Thuringer Wald (Hutan Thuringen)
Green area in the middle of Germany. Link the mountainous region along the 150 kilometers, most of the entry in the National Park Thuringer Wald. Places of interest to mountain climbers.

7. Sachsen-Anhalt : Harz
Leaning but beautiful. In the northern mountains, the town of Quedlinburg is one of the entrances to the Harz National Park. In the medieval town with stone alleys are still standing around 1200 fachwerkhaus (wood reinforced medieval house).

8. Baden-Wurttemberg : Bodensee

Water sports lovers paradise. Swimming, or travel by using the ships to the country side in Switzerland. Or visit the flower island Mainau.
9. Hessen : Rhön
Green hilly: Rhön name comes from the language keltis "raino" means hills. Mounds up to 950 meters high as it used to be derived from the volcanism. Part of this landscape by UNESCO designated as a biosphere reserve area.

10. Bayern : Bayerischer Wald
Since 1970, Wal Bayerischer defined as the first national park in Germany. Famous sseluas there is a large lake with the island of 300 hectares of grass and protected areas. With dense forests and swamps, suitable as a natural tourist attractions.

11. Bayern : Altmühltal
With an area of 3,000 square kilometers, Altmühltal National Park is the third largest in Germany - an ideal place for active tourism. For the sportsman, can chose to ride mountain bike tour or rock climbing. and many more attractions of interest to your visit ..

all this building is located in downtown berlin-germany.
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