Tunisia, Sahara Desert conjure

What do you expect from a desert? Tunisia actually managed to turn the Sahara desert into an attractive tourist sites thanks to "The International Sahara Festival".

Tunisia may be less popular with Indonesian tourists. But for travelers of Europe, the United States, and Canada, a country located in north Africa is a remarkable vacation destination demand. This occurs because of the cultural ties between Tunisia and several countries in Europe. The European tourists, the United States, and Canada is not only a visit to Tunisia on holiday season. They even come and go almost all year round.

Although parts of Africa, do not imagine Tunisia, arid country, with black people, dirty, and scary. This country actually has a variety of tourist attraction with breathtaking natural scenery. Call it Sousse, Monatsir, Hammamet, Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka. This area is known for its beautiful beaches and the sea. Includes various nan comfortable and charming resort on the beach. Set in the beach resort with pure white sand, sparkling sea water also like crystals that flow from the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists, generally will not waste the opportunity to sunbathe, water sports, as well as beauty and health care for the body with natural ingredients that come from the sea.

Besides its beauty, Tunisia also has a Muslim holy city, the city of Kairouan. While at Kairouan, pilgrims will visit the mosque Uqba ibn Nafi. This mosque is the largest and most important old mosque in Tunisia and the African continent. From this holy place, the religion of Islam starting point spread to the continent of Africa, the islands of Sicily, southern Italy and Andalusia (now Spain). In the city that had become the Arab army military camp also contains the tomb of Abu Zam'a, the only companions of the Prophet Muhammad is allowed to shave his beard.

According to the story, love of the Prophet Abu Zam'a very large to store and carry him into the prophet's hair wherever she goes. Then came Abu Zam'a in the city known as a combination of Damascus and Marrakesh, Morocco. The tomb of Abu Zam'a become one of the tourist sites of pilgrimage in addition to the Mosque Uqbah ibn Nafi.

Tunisia tourism climax lies in the Sahara desert his vast. This arid sand plains it can be enjoyed in ways that stimulate adrenaline, such as along the sea of ​​golden sand with a jeep like off road.

Visiting the Sahara will be more fitting if it comes every December. Because the moon was held "the International Sahara Festival". The festival itself has a history which is quite old. Festival that was held in the town of Douz, Tunisia, has been held since 1910. Tourists who come not only from the African region, also from the United States and Europe. Nevertheless, the festival is actually dominated by the tourists Saudi Arabia. This festival has a very important position for the people of Tunisia. According to him, the town of Douz is really depend on tourism revenue. The city is a city directly adjacent to the Sahara desert, so often called "Gate of the Sahara". The city is not the industrial city like other cities in Tunisia. So, it is natural that citizens of the town relies heavily on tourism Douz Sahara desert.
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