Trips to historic places

Do not have to travel to beautiful places. The place that holds historical records can also be a pleasant tourist sites, as well as thrilling.

Here are 10 Heritage Tour Places worth visiting:

Palmyra, Suriah

[Image: colonnade-c-galen.jpg] 
This is an ancient city in the past is an important city, located in central Syria. The city is located in the Oasis, 215 km northeast of Damascus, or 120 km southwest of Euphrates. To achieve the travelers had to cross a desert camel ride.

Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Indonesia

[Image: 1.1275683326.candi-borobudur-3.jpg]
Borobudur was built in the 9th century by the Mahayana Buddhist monument, located DII Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. The monument consists of six rectangular stage surpassed by three-stage round. Has about 504 statues of Buddha statues. The main dome is the highest peak, surrounded by 72 Buddha statues that are in a hole stupa.

Teotihuacan,Baskom, Meksiko

[Image: piramide_luna_t.jpg]
Is a favorite of archaeologists because of its uniqueness. Some form of the pyramid. In addition to pyramidal-shaped structure, Teotihuacan is also known for large residence complex, "Highway of Death that"what "is called, and many colorful, preserved frescoes.

Göreme, Cappadocia, Turki

[Image: work.1527245.2.flat,550x550,075,f.dream-...turkey.jpg]
Cities in the rock is often called 'fairy chimneys' because its shape is unique. This city is one of the historic sites of Turkey. Located in the Cappadocia region, province of Nev? ehir, in central Anatolia. Göreme National Park (Göreme Milli Parklar in Turkish language) is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1985.

Khara-Khoto in Mongolia

[Image: Goreme.jpg]
Khara-Khoto is a city that was built in medieval Ejin khoshuu Alxa League, Inner Mongolia. Located near the lake Gashun. The city was formerly known as Etzina, which is found in the course of Marco Polo.
Wat Phu, Laos

[Image: laos06.jpg]
It is the oldest temple in Laos. Meaning of the name of the temple is 'a sanctuary on the hill'. It is estimated that this temple 1000 years old. Since 2001, this temple complex has been included in UNESCO World Heritage List ..

Tikal, Guatemala

[Image: tikal.jpg]
This ancient Mayan city founded in the early 800 SM.Ada there are many remaining buildings that can be enjoyed by tourists.
Volubilis, Maroco

[Image: volubilis1.jpg]
Ruins of ancient cities of the Roman Empire seemed to exist in almost every country in Europe. The same column, looking at the sky, a gate triumph and waterways. But there are two significant differences. First, here lonely, even when the season arrived, only two dozen tourists a day. And second, the ancient Roman rarsitektur give an entirely different flavor.

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

[Image: bagan15.jpg]
No doubt, this site has neglected the world because of political upheaval in the country itu.Bahkan many countries are still not willing to accept the new name of the country - Myanmar, which came after a military coup. Worse yet, some countries refused to include these sites in the World Heritage list of UNESCO's version because of political reasons.

Though this site is so beautiful and really deserve to go list. There is not only a big beautiful pagodas but also the views of caves in it is amazing. Residents who live in caves that have built pagodas and statues but also painted cave walls with carved way. This place deserves dikukunjung and not enough time to see it all day, down the halls cave and watch a local cultural arts on the wall.

Tiwanaku, Bolivia, South America

[Image: tiwanaku-bolivia-south-america.jpg]
Ruins of ancient city located on the plateau near the heart of South America. Exactly located at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. Scientists estimate that the building was erected. But this opinion is still controversial because some believe this site has existed in 100-300 BC.
This site is a legacy of the Inca nation. Archaeologists first discovered Tiwanaku on the nineteenth century. More in-depth study on this site has not been done. Scientists have so far not been able to explain the mystery of the ancient city, and what causes abandoned.

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