Tourist attractions in newzeland

 Views of Lake Wanaka. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library /Kieran Scott
With vast open spaces, mountain landscapes, charming beaches, the climate was warm and beautiful natural scenery. With all this perfection, the new couples who want a honeymoon, adventure lovers to vacationing families can go to this country, because New Zealand can make lulled.

Tourist town Queenstown is one of more than 150 locations where director Peter Jackson filming a Hollywood movie. In this city there are four seasons lake pride in New Zealand and the mountain inn. Located on the shores of Lake
Wakatipu, this magical place will bring your imagination to drift, increase your passion and spirit.

Adventure activities such as snow sports, bungy jumping, jet boat, horse riding and rafting. You can also pamper yourself while on vacation while the food and wine tasting, boating on the lake, spa treatments, shopping in boutiques and playing golf.

Queenstown is full of restaurants, nightclubs and cafes and other adventures, and full of spirit activity. Over the years, the city has been pretty much doing another expansion in tourism, including wineries, art galleries, street art and challenge of golf courses.
    Old hotel in Arrowtown, New Zealand. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library

 Queenstown merupakan bagian dari wilayah Central Otago. Anggur setempat telah sering mendapat penghargaan. Setiap saat adalah waktu yang tepat untuk berkunjung ke Central Otago yang terkenal dengan anggur jenis Pinot Noirs. Ada 45 kebun anggur di Central Otago dan anggur-anggur itu terus berkembang pesat hingga terkenal di selurh dunia. Pinot Noirs dari wilayah itu sangat diakui dan dicari, meskipun jenis anggur lainnya berhasil tumbuh juga dengan kualitas tinggi – ditanam di atas tanah shaly dengan iklim keras yang dipercaya sangat kondusif untuk produksi anggur.

Lake in Queenstown looks more beautiful with autumn colors. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library / Bob McCree

If interested, you can join a tour of the wine or can rent a car and visiting vineyards in Gibbston Valley, the main areas producing wine in Queenstown. Gibbston Valley Wines, the first commercial vineyard in Queenstown, famous for his lunch banquet and try to taste wine. You can also make a tour of the cave wine and cheese factory.
In addition, you also can enjoy the sport of golf. Queenstown has four programs, including Millbrook. You can spend a day and pamper yourself at the spa, or spend time in the morning to shop at boutiques are available in Queenstown.
Beautiful rainbow you can see on Lake Wakatipu. There, you can catch fresh fish, rainbow, brown freshwater fish and salmon quinnat throughout the year. Permits can be obtained in the city and guides can take you where fishing best.

Cycling around Lake Wakatipu. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library / Holly Wademan

If you want to travel to the lake, you can charter a yacht, which is tailored to individuals or groups. If you want to be alone, you can travel by boat cruise from Queenstown and then take shelter in the mountains, especially in Lake Wakatipu. 

Time for adventure

If you're an adventurer, Queenstown is the perfect place to test your adrenaline. The place is dubbed as the "Adventure Capital of the World" - the adventure capital of the world. A nickname is created by thrill-seekers, who dare to play their adrenaline, and adventure on the wild environment.

Bungy jumping scary action was derived from this country. There are a myriad of activities you can do here, such as: sky diving, mountain climbing, rafting, kayaking, fishing, horse riding, cycling, walking in debt, beautiful flying, sailing, surfing, jet boating, gliding and Nevis bungy! In winter, the mountains covered with white mist that makes it a great place to do skiing, snow car, snowboard, heliski and parapent..

Elevator ride into the mountains before gliding on snow. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library / Lake Wanaka Tourism ..

Wanaka is located behind the Southern Alps on South Island, New Zealand. This place is very peaceful, only about one hour if you drive by car from Queenstown. Close to Mount Aspiring National Park, this area is a natural paradise located in the beautiful lake.
The hustle and bustle of life in Wanaka much calmer than in Queenstown, but the region also offers the same activities. So, if you want to do paragliding, jet boat or rap jumping in a calmer atmosphere, Wanaka is the proper place.

Before doing heliboarding, you will be taken to the extreme altitude. Photo credit: Tourism New ZealandImage Library / Miles Holden

There is also a restaurant with good taste and some bars. Many of the rumor, the best carrot cake can be found at lakeside cafes in Wanaka.
Lake Wanaka is located right in the middle of the other lakes. He is the gateway to Mt. Aspiring National Park, famous for glaciers and places to climb. The mountains around the lake is a paradise for lovers of skiing. The city itself has a village to shop with a wide range of atmosphere to relax, eat and drink.
Slow pace and biological surroundings. You will not be able to feel the atmosphere of the place before exploring it on foot.
Eely Point Walk is the activity of walking beside Lake Wanaka. You can reach it in 15 minutes. Sheltered from the wind, Eely Point is a region famous for boating and picnic. Then, it took five minutes to continue the journey to Bremner Bay, a shallow bay which is very popular for a family swim.

Dublin Bay in Wanaka, New Zealand. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library / Gilbert vanReenen

From Bremner Bay, this route will follow the shoreline of Lake Wanaku down to Penrith Beach, featuring a beautiful lake and mountain scenery around. By following the road from Penrith Beach, you can enjoy Lake Outlet Walk.


Waterfall Creek Walk starts from the left side of Roys Bay - which is the main beach on Lake Wanaka. The place was following the coastline down to Wanaka part of Damper Bay. Wanaka Station Park, on the left near Waterfall Creek Walk, is the proper place for a picnic. The route continues along the road in front of Edgewater Resort Hotel and Rippon Vineyard down to Waterfall Creek. Then continue up to the summit, which offers beautiful scenery and lakes of Wanaka Township. 


One of the most beautiful settlement in Arrowtown New Zealand is located along the River Arrow, which was once a place of panning for gold. The city was to maintain the value of its history with more than 60 buildings that were rebuilt from the 19th century. Gold charm that you can see along the way (though you can still take the gold in the river).
Only 20 minutes if you drive from Queenstown, Arrowtown is the center of the best wineries, artist galleries, golf courses, fishing and ski area. You can also explore the settlement of Chinese miners, and visited the Lake District Museum, play in local golf course that challenges or trying to travel down to Macetown 4WD, a ghost town that is only accessible by railroad. Arrowtown has a range of cafes, restaurants and interesting shops.

The colors of autumn in Arrowtown, New Zealand. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library

The weather in winter and shady in the spring to replace the days of long summer and autumn are amazing. Change of season is the best reflection of the history of the trees that lined the roadside. Fall Festival featuring the great photographer and artist who can provide inspiration. 


About 40 minutes from Queenstown, there is a rural town in Glenorchy, western tip of Lake Wakatipu, with background on indigenous people's forest and mountains covered with snow.

Heaven in Glenorchy. Photo credit: photo credit: Tourism New Zealand Image Library / Ian Brodie.

This place is known as the gateway to the Routeburn, Caples, Greenstone, Rees and Dart Valley route. In addition, can also be the location of jet boat and kayak play at Dart River. You can contact your local authority if you plan to run on one track. Horseback riding is also highly recommended. The city also has a variety of lodging, a hotel and several cafes. A good idea to buy climbing gear near Queenstown
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