Tourism Object in Tanah Datar, Malaysia

Traditional House Kampai Nan Panjang

Traditional House tourist attraction Kampai Nan Panjang is a traditional house of the oldest in the realm of Minang, built in 350 years lalu.Rumah Indigenous Kampai Nan Panjang is a house with the construction of buildings not use nails, pegs construction (similar to the old custom house in Seremban, Malaysia) . It is unique, with a position in the village Balimbing Minang village atmosphere that is still long. The rooms are very small relative to the door shaped Indigenous oval.Rumah Kampai Nan Panjang Balimbing Located in the Village, Kec. Propagation, Tanah Datar District. This village road between Batusangkar District (about 30 km from Batusangkar) and Lake Batur (go to the village road about 5 km). Wisata Indonesia Paradise

Anai Valley tourist attraction
Being Anai Valley tourist attraction in the nature reserve area is located in the Nagari Singgalang Kec. Ten Koto, Tanah Datar, or about 38 km from Batusangkar or is about 60 kilometers from Padang ini.Air Anai Valley Waterfall located at the edge of the road connecting the city of Padang and Bukittinggi City, two cities that became centers for governance, economic growth, and tourism in Tanah Datar District of West Sumatra Province. Anai Valley location is right in the side of the road, making this Anai valley waterfall able to attract the tourists both local and tourist tourists tourism mancanegara.objek Anai valley is very suitable to become tourist attractions along keluarga.Wisata Indonesia Paradise.
Istano Basa Pagaruyuang
   Basa OIstano more famous by the name Pagaruyung Palace, is a palace located in Batusangkar, Tanah Datar District of West Sumatra. The palace is famous cultural attractions in West Sumatra. Basa Istano that stands now is actually a replica of the original. Basa Istano asli located on top of Bukit Batu Broken and burned down in a bloody riot in 1804. The palace was later rebuilt but burned again in 1966. Basa Istano rebuilding process is done by laying stump tuo (main mast) on December 27, 1976 by ​​West GubernurSumatra (then Aaron Zain). This new building is not established in the old palace site, but at a new location next to the south. In the late 1970s, the palace has been able to be visited by the public. On February 27, 2007, Istano Basa suffered severe fires due to lightning which grabbed the top of the palace. As a result, three-level building was razed to the ground. Also partially burned documents, and the fabrics hiasan.Diperkirakan only about 15 percent of these valuables are safe. Goods that escaped the fire is now stored in the Central Land District Archaeological Objects Datar.Wisata Indonesia Paradise
Peak tourist attraction Pato
Peak tourist attraction or Bukit Marapalam Pato is known for its history of "Oath Satie Bukik Marapalam and this region is a bastion of war priest" Pato Peak attractions Located in Nagari Batu subdistrict Bulek Lintau North Buo Tanah Datar District of West Sumatra, or about 17 km from City Batusangkar.Di there Pato Peak roofed building that symbolizes stacks of three leaders of the community meeting place when about birth of life
Minangkabau society known as the Treaty Marapalam.Wisata Indonesia Paradise
Tourism OObjek basurek Stone
Batu Tourism Object basurek stronghold Rajo village situated five villages of Tanah Datar District, is 4 km from stone basurek sangkar.Batu is located at the top of the king's tomb stone Adityawarman.Prasasti this basurek written in the ancient Javanese language is wide 25 sanskerta.Batu basurek cm height 80 cm with a thickness of 10 cm and weighing about 50 kg. It has old stone basurek 659 tahun.penemuan inscription was first written on December 16, 1880 by PH Van Hengst, Assistant Resident Tanah Datar. Prof. H Kern, an expert from the Netherlands, he who first discussed the inscription with the writing of ancient Javanese language is Sanskrit. In 1917 he translated the contents are: "forward Adityawarman mighty, he is the ruler Kanakamedinindra or Suwarnadwipa (Sumatra or the Land of Gold). His father Adwayawarman. He's a family Indra. Adityawarman Dara was born from the womb of Orange, the daughter of the king Darmasraya located on the banks of the River Batanghari, Jambi. His father, Adwayawarman earlier, relatives Palace Singosari.. Tourism Indonesia Paradise

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