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.ncheon is famous for during the Korean war so the troops landing General MacArthur.

Temple in Incheon: Jeondeung-sa

Starting from the Silla dynasty Goryeo arrived in this area a lot of temples. Cuman over time many distinguished temples in the same ancurin burned, who left cuman Jeondeung-sa temple and fortress Jeongjok. This place also other interesting places such as stout, which gingko tree 600 yrs old who is on the front page of the temple, once the tree produces lots of gingko fruit, just the story has a story supposedly said, there's always greedy officials who requested tribute loads same population there. Dikuil abbot prayed for so that it produces much fruit trees in order to pay tribute tax, tp ... one day the sky darkened jd n big rain, and lightning kesamber tree. Scars are still there, tp since then until now not been fruitful tree again. He said the hell, yes that's antecedent if people like to get greedy.

Benteng Jeongjok

Site kingdom Goryeo dynasty

in this place once occupied by the kings of the Goryeo Dynasty during the war with the Mongolian nation.

festival is held here annually jajangmyeon
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