Picnic Places in the World Year 2011 TOP

Tourist destination in 2011, this is a picnic area in the world's top three experts recommended by the travel agency, Robert Reid (United States travel editor for Lonely Planet), Pauline Frommer (creator Guidebook), and Martin Rapp (Altour senior vice president.)

The city is going to be a tourist destination because of world population has the unforgettable events of the terrorist attacks of 11 September.Tahun This incident enters the age of 10 years.

The travelers are expected to menjubeli ground zero at the same time will give his sympathy to the victims at the National September 11 Memorial, scheduled to open to the public every year


Kiwi is going to host the Rugby World Cup, a soccer-like sport popular in the continental United States, Europe, and Australia.

Weillington, as the capital of the country at once became the center of this event, expected to show the variety of attractions and explore other parts of the country.

"It's kind of a big stepping stone," said Reid, who planned to visit this country and learn the haka, a traditional dance of Maori warfare that is displayed before the match begins.

Rapp also recommend this country to "a number of highly luxurious accommodations," including agricultural areas at Cape Kidnappers, Huka Lodge, and Otahuna Lodge.

Peru's Amazon jungle

When many people think about Amazon, they always thought of Brazil. But actually in Peru has been available exploration areas are very attractive tourist namely Iquitos, a metropolitan city, where nearly half a million people living in the heart of the rain forests of Peru.

Iquitos is a place worth visiting tourist, 2011, as established by the UN as the International Year of Forests.

Barcelona, Spain


The travelers in this city can see the changes at La Sagrada Familia, Roman Catholics old church that has not been completed. "Almost all the scaffolding there missing," said Frommer. Barcelona, obviously Frommer, also provides a variety of exceptional restaurants.


For lovers of outdoor sports, Norway provides a special space for them. The tourists put up heli-skiing, paragliding, and bungee jumping.

In contrast, for enthusiasts olaraga not too extreme, will be prepared for the boat down the fjords, the entrance to the Norwegian coast is flanked by two mountains.

Not only that, this country also welcomes guests with a variety of inns and hotels along the path trodden by tourists. The tourists can also stay in Amot Opera Farm, an inn that is unusual to combine accommodation with music. "The entire Scandinavian region really do not terkirakan" said Rapp.

"People are (usually) to visit the big cities, Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo while other cities in addition to the visit. Places of interest there are the mountains and fjords."


Many of those people wrong perception that Japan was expensive for tourist to visit, but actually once you get there, the impression is not correct because everything can be affordable with kocekanda when compared with New York.

If you go to Japan, Reid recommends that the tourists visit the International Tourism Center of Japan and minshuku, traditional guest house which was prepared in a simple and inexpensive. "Here you can pay $ 40 (USD 360 thousand) per night in Tokyo."


More or less 10 years after the end of the civil war, Guatemala became one of world tourist destination, says Frommer.State inspires communities to build a travel agency in the southern border and asked to compete to prepare the way to popular attractions such as in Costa Rica. In this place, you'll find something amazing.

"Atitian Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the world," said Frommer.


Next year, is marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union, as well as trigger the establishment of bloc countries of the Soviet fractions.

Reid's favorite choice is Bulgaria, which has attracted the Black Sea coast region. Here, for sports enthusiasts skiing, ski area prepared in the mountains, especially in winter. "I loved the trip to Bulgaria. Affairs are beautiful and there is not much traffic, so I feel very safe," said Reid.

Reid recommends that travelers visit Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital, and the beautiful city of Plovdiv, heritage trail collapse of the Roman empire.
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