The largest and deepest hole Beautiful but thrilling in the world

Can you believe that the holes that currently exist, is the attitude of the wrath of God, many people read these acts of nature agrees with the above. But many are also the holes made ​​for mining various belahahan world, nor the former location of the fall of the meteor that caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Today these places has become a place for a holiday.

Is that the Great Blue Hole of Belize, Mirny Diamond Mine Siberia or the Burning Gates of Turkmenistan, all attract many tourists. These are the images at once terrifying hole that cool

Mirny Diamond Mine of Siberia


Great Blue Hole – Belize


Burning Gates of Turkmenistan


Kimberley Big Hole – South Africa

Bingham Canyon Mine – Utah


Glory Hole in Monticello Dam California


Diavik Diamond Mine – Canada


Guatemala Sinkhole

Chuquicamata Copper Mine – Chile


Udachnaya Pipe – Russia

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