Amazing Tree In The World

1. Lone Cypress in Monterey
Located on the Monterey Peninsula, California. Because dihimpit stone and located right above the cliffs, with beautiful views directly overlooking the Pacific Ocean, making it more beautiful tree to the view.


2. Circus Trees
Actually this is merupakann regular tree of any kind, but childhood in the chain and in shape so that a shape as desired. it takes perseverance and extra affection, causing tremendous tree like this.

Basket Tree

The two-legged tree

Ladder tree

Axel Erlandson underneath one of his arborsculpture

3. Giant Sequoias: General Sherman
This tree only grows in the Sierra Nevada, California.Jenis this is the biggest tree in the world (in terms of volume / wide width). Where is the greatest tree named "General Sherman"is located in Sequoia National Park. high as 275 feet (83.8 m) with a volume of 52 500 (1485 m3), weighing more than 6000 tons, and was about 2200

4. Coast Redwood: Hyperion and Drive-Thru Trees

This tree includes other types of Sequoias. But unlike the Giant Sequoias, which owns the largest trees, the Coast Redwood is the tallest tree tertinggi.Salah one tree in Leggett, California. Height 315 feet (95.5 m), with the door wide as 6 feet (1.8 m), and height 9 feet (2.8 m)

5. Chapel-Oak of Allouville-Bellefosse

The Chene-Chapelle (Chapel-Oak) of Allouville-Bellefosse is the most famous tree in France. What makes it unique, besides the tree is good, because in this tree there are buildings and religious monuments. In 1669, l'Abbe du Detroit and du Cerceau decided to build a chapel in the trees which at that time 500 years old. The priest then build the Virgin Mary. Then later he started to build the stairs. Unfortunately right now the tree was almost half dead. The trunk is dead, and leaves are not growing anymore.

6. Quaking Aspen: Pando (The Trembling Giant)
Pando [wiki] or the Trembling Giant in Utah is actually a single colony. In genetic all these trees together which means they are from a single clone. Pando, which is Latin means "I spread," usually consisting than 47,000 pieces of stalk and spread throughout 107 acres of land.
Quaking Aspen

Aspen grove

7. Montezuma Cypress: The Tule Tree
El arbol del Tule [wiki] ("The Tule Tree) is a Montezuma cypress trees are very large (Taxodium mucronatum) near the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. unkuran This tree has the largest circumference of 190 feet (58 m) and a diameter of 37 feet (11.3 m). Tule tree is so thick / rada sticky, until some sources say that "you are not a hug this tree, even you who embraced).
The Tule Tree Towers over a church next to it

Full width of the Tule Tree
Close-up of the tree’s gnarled trunk. Local legends say that you can make out animals like jaguars and elephants in the trunk, giving the tree the nickname of "the Tree of Life"

8. Banyan Tree: Sri Maha Bodhi Tree
Banyan Tree named after "banians" or Hindu traders who conduct their business under a tree. Even if you've never know the banyan tree (the tree used by Robinson Crusoe to be a tree house), you can easily recognize them. The form of this giant tree easy to recognize; have a majestic grove with a tergurai roots into the soil.
Closer view of the Banyan aerial root structur
Banyan tree (or is it silk-cotton tree?) in the ruins of Ta Prohm, Ankor, Cambodia

9. Bristlecone Pine: Methuselah and Prometheus, Pohon Tertua di Dunia.
The oldest living tree in the world is the White Mountains in California, bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) that dimakanan Methuselah. Methuselah tree, found at 11,000 feet above sea level, 4838-year-old is not only the oldest tree but also merupkaan the only non-colonial oraganisme most parents in the world.
Methuselah Grove

10. Baobab

Baobab (Adansonia) or monkey bread tree can grow up to nearly 100 feet (30 m) high and 35 feet (11 m) wide.

Their distinguishing features:
Their swollen stems actually water storage - baobab tree can store up to 31,700 gallons (120,000 l) of water to survive in original condition kering.Pohon baobab from Madagascar (it's the country's national tree!), mainland Africa, and Australia.
A group of the most "magnificent of all" baobab trees (Adansonia grandidieri) can be found in the Baobab Avenue, near Morondava, in Madagascar.


Teapot baobab
Many utility also nih tree, can even use a toilet because Byk contain water.
A toilet built inside a baobab tree in the Kayila Lodge, Zambia

It could even be used as a prison,
A "Prison Boab" tree in Western Australia
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