The Amazing Tour at Switzerland

Switzerland, or better known as Switzerland is a country rich in history is directly adjacent to Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. Known for its stretch of the Alps with a stunning panorama. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world who are ready to make the tourism offer you captivated. Here are some tourist attractions in an independent country on August 1, 1921 are:

The Chillon Castle

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva in the municipality Veytaux, building on the antiquity functioned as a fortress was established in the mid 12th century and renovated in the 13th century by Pietro II. Today Chillon is open to the public for tourism purposes. Recorded in a website that Chillon is the most historic monuments to visit in Switzerlands.


The city was discovered in the mid 19th century by British mountain pendai Edward Whymper. Zermatt is a starting point to make the climb past the Haute Route. Zermatt is the western end for the Glacier Express train service that connects to St. Moritz and CoP (Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn).

Geneva's Jet D'eau

First built in 1886 at the Usine de la Coulourvreniere little farther than the current location. Today the fountain is located in the heart of one of Switzerland's main city. Geneva's Jet D'eau is one of the tallest fountain in the world to project the water up to as high as 140 meters. And the fountain is considered a symbol of Geneva.

Swiss National Park

National Park is located in Canton Graubünden in eastern Switzerland between Zernez, S-chanf, Scuol and Fuorn Pass Engadin valley directly adjacent to Italy. In 2009, the Park is expanding its area and has an area of ​​174.2 km and is the largest protected area and was established on August 1, 1914. This National Park is a haven of wildlife such as ELKS, guinea pig and eagle.

Piz Gloria

It is a revolving restaurant located on Schlithorn close to Murren in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland. This restaurant claims that their restaurant is the world's first revolving restaurant. Piz Gloria name comes from Ian Fleming's James Bond novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service where a criminal hideout. From the top of this place, visitors can enjoy beautiful views without having to surround this place, because this restaurant rotates automatically.


The town is rich in history is 200 years old this city is filled with trendy cafes, international boutiques and is a favorite destination of tourists. Zurich is the center of trade in Switzerland and is a very important city in Geneva.

Glacier Paletsch

Is the longest and most beautiful glaciers in the Alps with a length of 23 km. This area is the UNESCO world heritage list so it is protected and restricted by the external zone. This place is frequented by tourists to climb to its highest point. Beautiful natural scenery make this place a tourist attraction in Switzerland the most frequently visited

Ttravel tours to countries Algeria

Here you can find everything to do about Algeria. All Algeria to do things that were ordered by distance.

 Casbah of Algiers
Casbah of Algiers  
Kasbah is a unique example of Muslim town, which has not been constructed in 4. century BC It is located on a beautiful beach with a distance of 3 km from Algeria

TipasaTipasa Algir is a city in the north of the country, in the province of Tipasa, on the Mediterranean coast. Tipasa Punisia.dengan distance is a town 57 km from Algeria

Al Qal'a dari Beni Ham
Al Qal'a dari Beni Hammad Located in the northern part of Algeria. This is a place on the mountain, where there are ruins of the capital hammdských Emirates. a distance of 188 km from Algeria
DjemilaDjemila are the ruins of Roman cities in Algeria. Located in the northeastern part of the country in the region Sathif. It lies at an altitude of 245km from Algeria
La Manga del Mar Menor
La Manga del Mar MenorLa Manga del Mar menor is a unique and very popular tourist destination in southeastern Spain. Located on the Mediterranean coast východím ..

FormenteraFormentera is the smallest island Pytyuských island and part of the Spanish Balearic Autonomous Community.

Timgad Timgad is an ancient city in Algeria. It is located in the northeastern state in the Batna region.

Mar Menor
Mar Menor March menor - "Dead Sea Spain" is a unique lagoon in Spain. Located on the southeast coast of Spain, Costa Calida.

Playa d'en Bossa
Playa d'en Bossa Playa d'en Bossa reportedly one of the longest beach on the island of Ibiza. Located on the south side, about 4 km from the capital Algiers

Aguamar Air Park
Aguamar Air Park Aguamar Water Park's largest water theme parks in Ibiza. Located near the capital Eivissa, in the resort of Platja den Bossa.

Platja Sarang Bosssa
Platja sarang BossaPlatja den Bossa is one of the best resorts on the island of Ibiza. Located on the southern island, about 4 km from the city center

La Torre Golf Usaha
La Torre Golf UsahaLa Torre Golf Enterprises known golf courses in Spain. Located in the southeastern part of the country in the Murcia region on the Costa Calida.

Eivissa Eivissa (catalan) španělksy Ibiza, Spain is the ancient town of the same island - Ibiza. This is the main administrative center of ancient spain

Santa Eulària des Riu
Santa Eulària des Riu Santa Eulària des Riu is a resort on the island of Ibiza. The city is located on the east coast, on the River Santa Eulria.

Alicante Golf Club
Alicante Golf Club Alicante Golf Club is a quality golf course in Spain. Located near the city of Alicante Playa de San Juan, in Avda.

Alacant Alacant also known as Alicante is a port city in Spain. Located in the same province in the south of the capital

Ibiza Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea of Spain. It was the third largest in the Balearic Islands. 286 km from Algeria

Power of Santa Barbara
Kekuatan Santa Barbara Power of Santa Barbara is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe. Located in Spain, in the historic city of Algeria

Aqualandia Benidorm
Aqualandia Benidorm Benidorm Aqualandia reportedly one of the largest water park in Europe. Located in Spain, in the resort 340 km from Algeria Benidorm

MundoMar MundoMar is a marine and exotic animal park in Spain. Located on the Costa Blanca resort of Benidorm, next to the park there is also a pool that can rengang guanakan to relax with family .

Playa Levante
Playa Levante They are well-known Playa Levante beach in Benidorm resort in Spain. Simultaneously as in one of the best beaches in all of Europe .

The Egg
Itu Telur That egg or eggs are the attractions of the most famous in the global clubbing capital of Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza ...

Benidorm Benidorm is the largest resort in Spain. The city is located in the southeastern part of the country on the coast of Costa Blanca. Benidorm interesting. to be a place of vacation

De Portmany
de Portmany Resor de Portmany attract visitors, especially young people, who enjoy a rich nightlife and the best DJs from around the world 291 km form Algeria

Villajoyosa Villajoyosa is a popular tourist destination in Spain. Located on the Costa Blanca, about 10 km from Benidorm.

Altea Altea is one of the most impressive small towns on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Located about 50 km from Alicante

Elche Palm
Elche sawit belukar Palm grove in Elche in Alicante province, the landscape full of datlovými forest with palm trees

Calpe Calpe (Calpe) is a city of beautiful beaches and resorts in Spain. The city is located in the eastern part of the country, in the province of Alicandria

Mitica Earth
Bumi MiticaEarth Mitica is a theme park in Spain, in the famous resort Benidorm. Located a few kilometers from the highway A7. Me. headed to the capital with a distance of about 346 km

Natura Earth
Bumi NaturaEarth Natura is a theme park in Spain, in the famous resort Benidorm. Located near the Terra Mitica Park. Earth Natura is located about 345 km from the capital Algiers

Murica Katedral
Katedral Murcia Murcia Cathedral is a magnificent cathedral in Spain. Located in the southeastern part of the country, Autonomous Community of Murcia, in the historic city

Murcia Murcia is a historic city in Spain. Located in the southeastern part of the country in the autonomous community of the same name location 394 from Algeria

Playa El Playaz Vera
Playa El Playaz Vera Vera Playa El Playaz reportedly one of the largest naturist beach in Europe. Located in Spain, in the south of the country

Mojácar Mojácar is a beautiful resort north of Andalusia, Spain. It lies on the Mediterranean coast, Costa de Almeria. Approximately 40 km from the center of the capital
Cap de Ses Salines
Cap de Ses Salines Cap de Ses Salines is a spur south of the island of Mallorca Spain. Located near the town of Ses Salines in the southeast of the island of Mallorca

Denia Denia is a city located in Spain. Located in the eastern part of the state in the province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca
Botanicactus Botanicactus is the largest botanical garden with succulents in Europe. Located on the southeastern island of Mallorca Spain

Cal Pi Cal Pi is a small river and city in the southern Spanish island of Mallorca. Located in the south of Llucmajor.

 Cala d 'Or
Cala d  'Or 
 Cala d 'Or is a beach resort east of the island of Mallorca, Spain. Among the most luxurious and most popular tourist centers .
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