Vacation Places Can Be Free sex and Naked

  Ski Obertraun, Austria

     Ski contest here replaces the arena in Eagle Butte, Colorado who had quit. Arena in Obertraun offers  skiing routes conducted by telanj * ng in the area with an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level.
Bungy Jumping Nanaimo, Canada
Celebrations Feed naked every day Valentine's weekend in Nanaimo terminated by the action jumps to the naked. This action was carried out from above a height of 140 feet andon top of the water ice cold .
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The lake is famous for fishing hobby enthusiasts. Uniquely fishing expedition carried out by naked in the region of Lake Tekapo Holiday Park is situated on the southern island of New Zealand.

Cruise in Croatia
 Total 1185 islands located off the coast of Croatia, remote location, making it a popular place for sailing trips. Travelers who want telanj * ng can order their own beds in a large sailboat from cruise ship.
Climbing Mount Harz, Germany

In this mountain climbing along the 18 km opened to pedestrians bare.

Scuba Diving - Fiji

Companies that offer Buff Divers scuba clothing choices through the online network. Included somewhere more tropical Fiji. Divers who want to be naked to be careful of stinging animals, sea urchin and eel Conger pointed a lot of wandering.

Festival Okayama, Japan

Every year in the city of Okayama, 9000 scantily clad men took to the streets to celebrate the Festival Hadaka Matsuri, or naked. This event is popular with foreign tourists who often joined by locals who wear loin cloths.

Village of Costa Natura, Spain
 Located in the coastal Del Sol. There are 200 residential apartments and the first experience in Spain. Travelers who want to be naked to enjoy Costa Natura's facilities which include a swimming pool, volleyball court, tropical gardens and beach.

 Golf La Jenny, France
 La Jenny Naturist resort in South West France offers a golf course that can be used with telanj * ng. It has a six-hole golf course spread over 9 hectares both in space and open air.

Kotiharju Sauna, Helsinki, Finland
 Finland has long enjoyed the summer. This country offers a sauna for a family that can be used for steam baths. Steam in the sauna is derived from a wood burning stove.

7 Wonders of Russia

1.The Baikal Lake
This lake is located in Eastern Siberia and is considered the deepest lake in the world and the largest freshwater tank Bumi.Danau contains more than 20% of the world's freshwater and more than 90% of freshwater Russia. with a depth of 1500 meters (~ 5,000 feet).
  2.Valley of the Geysers
Located on the Kamchatka peninsula and consists of hundreds of geysers life. The place was in the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

3. Mother Motherland monument
Located Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd. Is a sculpture that symbolizes the courage and struggles of women in Russia. Women also whiz you know. This statue is the tallest statue of Russia from the Statue of Liberty in New York.
4. Peterhof
This place was built for Peter the First in the beginning of the 17th century and is located near Saint-Petersburg. Itregarded as the best tourist attractions in the whole of Russia .

Tours in moscow

What is the name St. This actually Basil Cathedral church. Emang glance resemble the mosque because the influence of the Byzantine era was the time of manufacture. Just because there are so above the cross aja kalo St marker. Basil's church. I does not matter what it is not a place of worship but because St. Basil tourist attraction in Moscow. Good right?

In addition to St. Louis. Basil you can to the Kremlin's red fort there in Red Square. Russia emang identical red color because the red color of communism. In Red Square is in addition there is the Palace Museum as well. Moscow can get a lot museum.
if that is in St.Petersburg my professor said this city emang true - true hometown Peter The Great. Similar to Venice if diliat. St. Peterburg was one of the big cities in Russia.

trip to Turkey

Sightseeing in Turkey is very much at all, starting from the end of Antalya, Cappadocia, Istanbul is very nice to have a high historical value. Who's excited right now is finding Noah's ship in the Ararat mountain that supposedly 99% recognized the truth.

visit to Turkey is the mixing of Asian and European cultures, Snow winter and not as hot as Kuwait in the summer, and the rich legacy of Islam's history, Christianity, Roman and the former palace of Constantinople

Illustrations are ditulisan this is part of Aya Sofya, a historic building in Istanbul Sultan Ahmet actually recorded turnover of power from its time history of Byzantium, Constantinople, Ottoman and now as a museum. First it was a church but then could be used as mosques in line with the fall of Constantinople and Ottoman rule (Ottoman). Both the paintings and writings of Christian paintings Quran verses written on the wall is still visible and preserved. That makes me old was stunned when she saw a large water barrel that looked at all of its history since has been changed to change than just a decoration, flower pots, and as padasan place of water for purification. And also Mihrab facing the Qiblah which is located above the altar table. See the picture above.

Travelling in Australia

Adorned also not always filled buildings berserjarah with European architecture, there is also a bleak modern buildings of Federation Square, an open space in the heart of the design of the architecture become important icons for Melbourne.

Selection of architectural design for the area of ​​38,000 square meters is done openly through international competition. The competition requires participants to create a civilian building that can accommodate 20 thousand people in an open amphitheater.

Of the 177 entries received. Lab Architecture of London managed to steal the championship, and working with Bates Smart of Melbourne, Federation Square has become a place for the citizens of Melbourne to come together and spend time, whether it's in open space, café, or restaurant that was there.

Still in Melbourne, there is a Captain's Cook Cottage, the home of Captain Cook's parents who discovered the continent of Australia in 1770.

According to the story, the original house stood on the Great Ayton, Yorkshire, England, then in 1934 the house was dismantled and taken to Melbourne.

Optimizing attraction

Compared to other countries, Australia does have its own charm. First, Australia is a country which is also the world's smallest continent. Furthermore, the country is also capable of processing resources shingga attract the tourists.

One result of these efforts can be seen on the Gold Coast, a place located south of Brisbane (state capital of Queensland). Gold Coast has a clean beach that can be enjoyed by anyone. This is a promising feature of good memories for those who never set foot in an area of ​​122km square and 42km long beach is.

Besides beaches, the Gold Coast has Movie World (film production studio) that allows every visitor to see up close filmmaking techniques with exciting attractions.

The visit to Australia would not be complete if it did not come to Sydney, which is not only famous with Sydney's iconic Opera House in Australia, but also other places that are not less interesting.

Sydney Opera House is a building that architecture design derived from the results of a competition which was won by Jorn Utzon from Denmark. Building construction began in 1958 in May and completed in February 1973.

Ada pula Harbour Bridge yang disebut juga Coat Hanger (gantungan jas). Di sini wisatawan dapat naik jembatan tersebut setelah melalui kurang lebih 200 anak tangga, dan dapat melihat pemandangan Sydney Harbour yang tidak hanya menarik, tetapi dapat memberi kesan yang mendalam dari kunjungan ke Australia.

10 Best Tourist Places in Africa

10 Tempat Wisata Terbaik di Afrika [+Pict]

Detail Berita
Aneka Satwa di Kruger Park (foto:
AFRICA is the continent of the world's second largest and second largest population after Asia. With an area of ​​30,224,050 km ² including adjacent islands, Africa, covering 20.3 percent of the total land area of Earth.

With 800 million people in 54 countries, this continent was home to a population sepertujuh dunia.Di this region many interesting sights and fascinating.

Kruger Park
Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the fierce desert safana natural life of South Africa along with many wild animals like the typical African Lion, Cheetah, Deer, antelope, Hyena, and much more.

Table Mountain
Table Mountain is probably one of the few natural appearance that is unique in the world, with a view of the mountain with a flat top and unique, even this object become one of the candidates for the natural wonders of the world.

Garden Route
Garden Route is a series of views of the bay, cliffs, beaches and cities, stretching hundreds of kilometers from Heidelberg. Garden Route offers you a beautiful natural landscape and the natural appearance of African green.

Robben Island
Roben Island is one of history's most famous tourist attractions in South Africa, this place used to be a place of exile at the same time liberation hero in prison for the practice of apartheid in southern Africa, namely Nelson Mandela.

V & A Waterfront
This is the paradise for shopping lovers who were on vacation in southern Africa, in this place you can find various souvenir products typical of South Africa as well as a variety of products world-renowned fashion designer.

Pantai Durban
Durban beach tourism is the option most attractive and famous beaches in South Africa, with a medium wave and crystal clear water make this beach as a tourist favorite and most sought after in South Africa.

Sun City Resort
This place is the most complete tourist complex in South Africa, in which five-star hotel facilities, golf courses, parasailing, bars, and various other glamorous places of entertainment that can only be enjoyed by tourists of the new.

The Cradle of the Human Kind
In this place, you can learn about the different heritage of our ancestors, in this world heritage site, you will be treated to various results of the discoveries of human anthropology that is stored in the Sterkfontein Caves.

This is where you can feel the life of indigenous South Africans. Although only a few dozen kilometers away from downtown Johannesburg, but residents of this city still want to implement a simple life, far from glamorous and impression of luxury.
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